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Boiling in a drop work online at IJHMT !


Thrilled to share our publication of the first-ever study (to our best knowledge) on droplet growth and bubble dynamics inside single boiling droplets!

Congratulations to Dr. Navid Saneie and our awesome postdoc - Dr. Varun Kulkarni for their efforts, and grateful to our amazing collaborators - Prof. Neelesh A. Patankar (NU) and Dr. Kamel Fezzaa (ANL) !

Those who work in spray cooling and boiling know that resolving & measuring bubble dynamics inside drops is absolutely challenging. We overcame this problem using cool X-ray experiments at ANL.  We were able to measure variation in number & size distribution, bubble growth, and the latent heat flux component of total heat transfer of a single growing bubble for the first time... And we found many surprising and intriguing things!
This work follows our previous work (still under the review process!) on understanding boiling transitions ( With both of these works, we realize lot more questions have also risen, and we are excited to keep looking for their answers. And better yet, we hope our results will provide useful insights to the amazing community of researchers working on these topics!