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Rukmava’s paper in Advanced Functional Materials is now online!!! Article featured as Back Cover!!!


Big congratulations!!!

The 3rd installment of our ongoing saga on Phase-Change Materials and condensation is online now at π΄π‘‘π‘£π‘Žπ‘›π‘π‘’π‘‘ πΉπ‘’π‘›π‘π‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘›π‘Žπ‘™ π‘€π‘Žπ‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘–π‘Žπ‘™π‘ ! Congratulations to the authors Dr.Β Rukmava ChatterjeeΒ and Umesh Chaudhury!

Long story short: Large supercooling and large surface roughness are a big barrier to fully realizing the potential of PCMs for enhancing condensation. So, can we tune the molecular structure of organic PCMs during solidification to make them smoother (and potentially have low supercooling)? And what are the limits of condensation-induced melting? To know the answers to these, wait and watch for our next installments!

Also, this is Dr. Chatterjee's first manuscript as a co-corresponding author. Congratulations!
Grateful to my wonderful colleagues at the University of Illinois ChicagoΒ (Prof. Arunkumar Subramanian and Prof. Yayue Pan) and @Chicagoland (Dr. Carla J. Shute @NU and Dr. Philip Griffin @UChicago) for their help in this work!