Dr. Anand receives EAGER award

Title: “A bio-inspired approach for enhancing lifetime of salts during icing and frost formation”.

Thank you NSF for the support!

Anand Lab receives 2016 COE Seed Funding Award

Anand Lab receives 2016 COE Seed Funding Award for collaborative work with Prof.  Reza Shahbazian-Yassar & Prof. Tolou Shokuhfar.

Team Water Harvesters wins 1st Prize at Undergraduate Engineering Expo@UIC

Congrats to  Patrick Bailey, Daniel Budolak, Andrew Skoczylas, Shane Taylor and Thomas Roe! Great job guys!

Team Water Harvesters

First day of Dr. Dong Jin Kang in the group! Welcome!

Hassan Bararnia joins the group to pursue PhD! Welcome!

Rukmava Chatterjee joins the group! Welcome!

Dr. Sushant Anand gives invited talk at ESPCI (Paris, France)

Many thanks to Dr Daniel Beysens for hosting Dr. Anand!

Sameera Khan joins the group! Welcome!

Navid Saneie joins Anand Research Group!

Anand research group begins its journey!