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We are focused on understanding the fundamentals of fluid-surface interactions that can lead to new solutions to broad range of existing challenges related with energy efficiency, water security and human health. To solve problems in these areas, we are looking into fundamentals of phase change (boiling, condensation, icing/frost etc); liquid-liquid interactions (e.g. oil/water); solid-liquid interactions (e.g. wettability). Our work spans from investigating above-mentioned phenomenon at macro scales to nano scales. Additionally, we seek to develop new techniques & materials that can influence the fluid-surface interactions to favorable outcomes.

In order to satisfy our need to understand+solve problems, we use experimental approaches involving advanced visualization and characterization tools, but at the same time we also do modeling/simulations to get a sense of the underlying physics behind the phenomenon.

Finally, we are strong believers of pursuing science for the sake of understanding the beauty of nature, and developing a deeper appreciation of the machinery of life.